Programme Outline

Stage 1 - The Map

Stage 1 - The Map

Assess the current state of your organisation. Identify other like-minded organisations.

  • Assess key business needs
  • Identify potential partners
  • Plot your programme roadmap
Stage 2 - The Foundation

Stage 2 - The Foundation

Lay a more solid foundation for your internal operations so that you are in a better position to secure resources.

  • Workshop 1 – Intro to Governance, Business Planning & Finance
  • Personalised Board Governance Guide
  • 3-year Business Plan
  • Automated Accounting System & Financial Audit
Stage 3 - The Resources

Stage 3 - The Resources

Improve your leadership and ability to recruit volunteers, employees. Refresh your approach to fundraising.

  • Workshop 2 – Intro to HR & Fundraising
  • Role descriptions for volunteers and staff
  • Fundraising Strategy for the next year
  • Connect: Have a catch-up session with other participating leaders.
Stage 4 - The Story

Stage 4 - The Story

Develop a communications strategy that you can deliver, and aligns with your mission. Be equipped to demonstrate your impact to potential funders and supporters.

  • Workshop 3 – Intro to Branding
  • Communications Support: Develop a communications plan that identifies your key message(s) and stakeholders.
  • Promotion Support: Develop a pitch deck for future events, and fundraising opportunities.
Stage 5 - The Finish

Stage 5 - The Finish

Demonstrate your improvements to supporters by being awarded a certificate of excellence that is valid for three years.

  • Join the ASPIRE Community to be a mentor to a new cohort of charities.
  • The ASPIRE team will be on hand to offer feedback as you move on from the programme and seek opportunities to connect you with potential funders.
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