Frequently Asked Questions

You are currently going through a pilot run of the incubator programme. What does this mean?

We are currently undergoing a pilot, or test run, of the programme with the first group of organisations. This process will ensure that we work with the organisations to develop a strong programme that delivers solid results. Applications for the 2017 programme should open by December 2016.

How will the incubator programme be structured?

This programme connects 5 to 8 high impact organisations annually with business support, seed funding and certification over a 12 month period. To view a step-by-step programme structure, take a look at the Charity Incubator Programme Outline.

I’m a local charity, non-profit or social enterprise. How do I apply to the programme?

You can Apply Here. Or, you can send an email to, with the subject line “Charity Application”. We’ll send you an application form and you can let us know if you want to submit it online or in person.

Who is funding this?

The programme is currently supported by our founders and The Maria Holder Memorial Trust.

What/who gives you the right to certify organisations?

We are working to develop relationships with partners such as the local third sector community, government and accreditation agencies locally and abroad to co-create a solid, globally recognised quality programme for charities, non-profits and social enterprises.

Who does ASPIRE work with?

We work directly with local charities, non-profits, social enterprises and volunteers. That said, if you are interested in our efforts to help charities help, we’d love to hear from you.

As a start-up organisation, we are currently developing partnerships with relevant stakeholders, including other local/international accreditation agencies, human development organisations, local NGO hubs, funding organisations, government and the private sector.

Why is certification part of the programme?

A major element of doing good philanthropic work is trust—from those who support you, and those who you support. Certifications is a great way to show your organisation is credible, well-run and impactful.

What we DON’T do.

ASPIRE is a facilitator, aiming to connect organisations in the programme with the resources they need to thrive. We do not set out to give grants outside of the programme nor manage the affairs of participating organisations.

I’m interested in volunteering. How do I apply?

You can Apply Here. Or, you can send an email to with the subject line “ASPIRE Champion Request”. Please send your CV and tell us a bit about why you would like to get involved.

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