Meet the ASPIRE Champions


Governance & Legal Team

Team Leader
Louis Parris  (Managing Director, Simbiosis Inc.)


Team Members

Jeanette Barker (Compliance Officer, Massy United Insurance.)
Marcia Lashley (Corporate Administrator, Chancery Corporate Services Ltd)
Linda Stelling (Managing Director, Trident Corporate Services (Barbados) Ltd.)
Daine Hinds (Legal Counsel, Compliance & Money Laundering Reporting Officer, The Blue Financial Group)
Tamesha Watkins (Legal Counsel, Business Support & Compliance, Sagicor Life Inc)
Stephanie Massay (Corporate Administrator, Chancery Corporate Services Ltd)
Lauren C. McIntosh (Attorney-at-Law, Chancery Chambers)
Niara A. Fraser (Attorney-at-Law, Chancery Chambers)

Business Planning Team

Team Leader
Ivan Browne  (Former Senior Banking Executive, Director – Caribbean Region, Purify Fuel)


Team Members

Andre Walcott – Partner, Deloitte & Touche
Andrea Dempster-Chung – (Consultant . Founder Go Global Art . Founder Bookophilia)

Gregory Hinkson – (Principal Consultant and Managing Director – Samdor Services Limited)
Jo-Ann Roett (Director, Finance, Risk & Compliance, Sandy Lane Hotel)
Joanna Edgehill (Managing Director, MEGAPOWER)

Finance & Accounting Team

Team Leader
M. Christine Noel (CEO, Smart Solutions)


Team Members
Colin Daniel (Principal, Strategic Consulting & Advisory Services)
Arlene Ross (Vice President, Trust & Corporate Services at DGM Financial Group)
David Simpson (Managing Director, Prestige Accounting Inc.)
Janelle N. Lord (Accountant, LEX Caribbean)
Ashok Merai (Independent Financial Consultant)
Virginia Grace (Charity Financial Specialist)

Justin Cole (Vice President – Management- DGM Financial Group)

Human Resources & Fundraising Team

Team Leader
Peter Hall (Partner, LPD Hall & Associates)

Team Members
Carolyn Shepherd (Director, Marketing, Digicel (Barbados) Ltd.) 
Monique Hassell (Group Organisational Development Manager, the ANSA McAL Group)
Sheila Leacock

Paola Bottaro (Senior associate, Sofi Limited)

Peter Thompson (Principal, Wunnuh Consultants)

Branding & Communications Team

Team Leader
Ron Johnson (Branding Consultant, Writer & Speaker / Managing Director, Blueprint Creative Inc.)


Team Members:
Tracey Knight-Lloyd  (Customer Experience, Marketing & Communication Executive, Sagicor General Insurance

Debbie-Ann Estwick (Design Adviser – BIDC)

Shae Lashley  (Account Executive – Blueprint Creative Inc.)

Shola Mapp  (Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator – Resolution Life Assurance Company Ltd.)

Grace Chambers  (Marketing & Branding Consultant – Leaping Over Yesterday)

Dwayne Worrell (Marketing Coordinator – SOL Brands Inc.)

Keisha Humphrey  (Manager Marketing – ScotiaBank)

Deidre Brathwaite (Social Media Lead – PixID Inc.)

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